Snap! Crystal! Hot! Red Fusion® Heat Wrap is the new breakthrough for soothing warmth where and when you need it! Just snap the activation disc to trigger the Crystal-Fusion reaction. Use the Red Fusion® Heat Wrap, as seen on TV, anytime, anywhere. In seconds, the Red Fusion® wrap transforms from room temperature to a comfy 130°F! The Red Fusion® Secret is A Natural Crystal Fusion Reaction. Reusable over and over and over again, the Red Fusion® heat wraps are designed to last. No reheating in a microwave or keeping it in a freezer is needed. Once the Red Fusion® heat wrap cools, just place it in boiling water in order to return it to its “ready state”. In minutes, your heat wrap is ready for reuse. 130°F of long lasting heat. Messy topical rubs, patches and iron-based heat products can become intensely hot. The Red Fusion® Crystal-Fusion reaction is a natural process that reaches a peak temperature of 130°F in a matter of seconds. Best of all, the soothing warmth radiates and lasts for a surprisingly long time, gradually cooling as it comforts and soothes.
Mold N Hold™ Technology keeps Red Fusion® Heat Wraps in place. Red Fusion® heat wraps feel so great because once the reaction is triggered, the natural liquid crystallizes into a soft malleable gel that shapes and conforms to your unique body contours. We call this the Mold N Hold™ effect that focuses the Red Fusion® warmth right where you want it. Plus, since the wrap conforms to you, the Mold N Hold™ effect helps to keep it in place even when you move and shift about. The Iso soft belt helps Red Fusion® heat wrap retain its heat for a longer period of time.